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Your Open Innovation Liaison  

Considering outside and open innovation ideas can be very time consuming and expensive. It can overload and overheat your innovation engine if not properly maintained and attended to.  

Mike Kasbohm, Founder, SpecTech, Inc. 

 Mike Kasbohm

Think of me as a special blend of oil for your innovation engine.

I have 25 years of related experience on both sides of the equation—meaning I understand inventors (because I am one) and I understand the realities of IP, license agreements, manufacturing, and business in general, as I founded SpecTech, Inc., in 1993 and have been running it ever since because I love the inventive process and enjoy helping others through it.

Working as an independent contractor I can free your organization from the high cost of dedicating an employee, or distracting you or other key employees from their core competency and responsibilities.

My services will lower the opportunity costs often associated with considering (or not) outside innovation.  I handle the time consuming initial evaluation and related research. I assess readiness and prioritize submissions using a scoring method tailored with your business vision in mind.

I can also work through initial negotiations, license and other agreements, and keep information efficiently flowing between the parties as needed for the optimum outcome—often reducing the cost of legal counsel by doing some of the leg work.   

If a new product idea peaks your interest—but requires further development before bringing it in-house, I can work with the submitter/inventor through that process.  

To learn more, Contact us for a free consultation.



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