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Trash Bag Cinch

We've been selling the Trash Bag Cinch Products for years in the Janitorial Supply markets

However because it’s so inexpensive, and it is the only item we have specifically for that market, we've only scratched the surface of the potential market sales.

We have sold millions of these in that market, but the potential is easily in the Hundreds of millions.

Janitorial and Sanitary Supply (Jan/San) Distributors love the product as a promotional item to leave with their customers because they instantly recognize the problem it solves and it provides them with an inexpensive way to solicit new customers and leave something behind to remember them (as a problem solver).

But the market is much larger than that.  Virtually everyone who uses trash bags in their kitchen at home knows all too well the mess and hassle that occurs from trash bags that refuse to stay in place in the garbage can (“Trash Bag Cave-ins” is what we call the nasty problem). It’s something everyone can relate to.

Your clients will remember and thank you every time they change their liner for saving them from the hassle (saving them time and money too – because they can make any trash bag fit their can in seconds and take advantage of value bag opportunities)!

The Trash Bag Cinch™ sticks permanently to the can, so it will be seen for many years to come.  






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